QlikView vs Tableau

Tableau vs QlikView – Start crunching data

Tableau vs QlikView – which is better? The last few months I have been advised to get Tableau and QlikView certified and try out other BI tools. Sometimes life provides different opportunities than you think and as chance will it –  and I had the opportunity to participate in a QlikView Developer course. I found QlikView really interesting and not at all that difficult to use if you have dabbled a little with programming.

However, as I have only scratched the surface of Tableau and QlikView, Im still to be educated on pros and cons with regards to Tableau vs QlikView. One day I came across this article:The future of BI in two words | Datadoodle. The article regards QlikView as the East coast and Tableau as the West cost. In the article the tools are said to promise virtually the same thing… Read more