Merge PDF files

Merge PDF files with PDFtk - see the PDFtk screenshot

Merge PDF files with PDFtk – screenshot above

Merge PDF files with PDFtk for FREE

Merge PDF files with this free utility. I often find my self in need of merging multiple PDF files into one pdf. I found this PDF tool from PDFtk, that will enable you to merge pdf files for free. Its small, easy to install and comes with no hidden commercials. With an upgrade of only 3.99$ you can enable a bunch of other features like watermark, rotating pages, securing the document and other useful features, but for the necessary job of combining PDF files, this utility works like a charm.

I use this tool when every I have to send my expenses through to the audit department, as well as when Im sending files to coworkers or clients. Combining PDF files will make sure that your recipient

  • Has all the files
  • Follow the structure you dictate
  • Can easily find the document that they need – as it is all in one.

Download it here for free: