Master thesis: From brick to major – a case studie in LEGO of increased organizational learning through it-projects in a business intelligence perspective

Thesis abstract

In an interview with a project manager at LEGO Corporate IT (CIT) we were presented with a problem regarding project evaluation and how lessons learned from these evaluations never seems to establish themselves in the organization and their work with project management. With this problem as a foundation we widened the focus area to work with this problem:

How can LEGO by means of business intelligence establish increased organizational learning in their work with IT projects?

To answer this we set up five work questions:

  1. What is organizational learning?
  2. How is organizational learning connected to business intelligence?
  3. Which factors can influence the success of a BI project in LEGO’s work with IT projects?
  4. Which needs should a BI solution fulfill to deliver an improved decision support?
  5. What could a possible BI solution look like? Read more