QlikView vs Tableau

Tableau vs QlikView – Start crunching data

Tableau vs QlikView – which is better? The last few months I have been advised to get Tableau and QlikView certified and try out other BI tools. Sometimes life provides different opportunities than you think and as chance will it –  and I had the opportunity to participate in a QlikView Developer course. I found QlikView really interesting and not at all that difficult to use if you have dabbled a little with programming.

However, as I have only scratched the surface of Tableau and QlikView, Im still to be educated on pros and cons with regards to Tableau vs QlikView. One day I came across this article:The future of BI in two words | Datadoodle. The article regards QlikView as the East coast and Tableau as the West cost. In the article the tools are said to promise virtually the same thing… Read more

Ask bigger questions of BigData

Ask bigger questions of BigData

Every day the size of collectable data increases. Companies now find that they are able to access and get data from multiple new sources other than their own systems; social data, mobil data, location data, financial data, mobil data and so on. Bigdata continues to increase and new sources of data and information are added by the day. This increase in data also increases what can be expected to be derived from the data. Read more