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Tableau vs QlikView – Start crunching data

Tableau vs QlikView – which is better? The last few months I have been advised to get Tableau and QlikView certified and try out other BI tools. Sometimes life provides different opportunities than you think and as chance will it –  and I had the opportunity to participate in a QlikView Developer course. I found QlikView really interesting and not at all that difficult to use if you have dabbled a little with programming.

However, as I have only scratched the surface of Tableau and QlikView, Im still to be educated on pros and cons with regards to Tableau vs QlikView. One day I came across this article:The future of BI in two words | Datadoodle. The article regards QlikView as the East coast and Tableau as the West cost. In the article the tools are said to promise virtually the same thing…

Each claims to empower business users by giving them all the data and control they need for free discovery. Each is easy to use. – Source: The future of BI in two words | Datadoodle

…though they are very different – which is underlined by the comparison to east and west coast. Though the article state that there is a clear difference I’m still not satisfied. Tableau vs QlikView – is one better that the other? Do they serve different purposes or work best within different foundations?

The value of Business Intelligence

The purpose of using BI and also either these BI tools is to eliminate ‘dead’ reports as powerpoints, spreadsheets like excel, pdf etc. The more the business can adapt to using ‘dashboards’ and real-time data instead of reports, the less time they have to spend on creating reports, maintaining them as well as making sure that all members use the same version – the more time they will have to make timely decisions that are based up on accurate information and not just gut-feeling. This is where the true value of BI is found, however, which tool is better and is it possible to say that one is better than the other?

Regarding Tableau vs QlikView – which would you recommend and why?

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