How to move VirtualBox VHD file to another drive

How to move VirtualBox VHD file to another drive

I use VirtualBox and usually have all my VirtualMachines on a external SSD drive, so that I can easily swap depending on my need. This means that I have to bring either the whole setup along, if I want to work from else where, or bring the VHD along.

How to move VirtualBox VHD file to another drive

  1. Shut down the machine
    1. This means a total shut down
  2. Open a terminal window and enter
    vboxmanage clonehd [path-to/original.vhd] [path-to/cloned-vhd]

    for example:

    vboxmanage clonehd "/external volume/VirtualMachines/ubuntu_dev.vhd" "/Documents/Dev/ubuntu_dev.vhd"
  3. Open VirtualBox -> Go to Settings -> Select the machine -> Select machine storage
  4. Remove the disk in the Storage Tree
  5. Now you can add the cloned disk that we created in step to, from the path you specified.
  6. After adding, start the machine to test that the machine is running.


I use this option when I need to create a template for my VHD file too. As I don’t like to waste space having a template of the VHD laying on a SSD. I have found that this is a very easy way to have a developer environment or test environment. This enables me to quickly be able to load up a new environment from the VHD file laying on an external drive.

I have used this practice for both windows and linux when working with client data. To separate the client data from my own, I create a new environment, which can be deleted when the project is done. This way I do not have to bring a client computer.  As an added benefit I can still work on multiple projects while maintaining a seperation structure within my computer.

VirtualBox or any other Virtual Machine software

If you are unfamiliar with Virtual Machine software and working with VHD files, I would definitely consider using it when working with clients. As my personal computer is a mac, I use VirtualBox, as it is free. However, at work I use windows 8, which comes with Hyper-V. In this post I wrote about how to move VirtualBox VHD file to another drive, with the mac in mind, however, this could just as well have been windows.

Start by setting up a OS of your choice, and configure all the basics. Then create a clone, and use that as a template for future projects.

QlikView vs Tableau

Tableau vs QlikView – Start crunching data

Tableau vs QlikView – which is better? The last few months I have been advised to get Tableau and QlikView certified and try out other BI tools. Sometimes life provides different opportunities than you think and as chance will it –  and I had the opportunity to participate in a QlikView Developer course. I found QlikView really interesting and not at all that difficult to use if you have dabbled a little with programming.

However, as I have only scratched the surface of Tableau and QlikView, Im still to be educated on pros and cons with regards to Tableau vs QlikView. One day I came across this article:The future of BI in two words | Datadoodle. The article regards QlikView as the East coast and Tableau as the West cost. In the article the tools are said to promise virtually the same thing… Read more

Ask bigger questions of BigData

Ask bigger questions of BigData

Every day the size of collectable data increases. Companies now find that they are able to access and get data from multiple new sources other than their own systems; social data, mobil data, location data, financial data, mobil data and so on. Bigdata continues to increase and new sources of data and information are added by the day. This increase in data also increases what can be expected to be derived from the data. Read more

Stephen Few the Godfather of Visual Data

The Godfather of Visual Data

Stephen Few

Is the Godfather of visual data. In his seminar at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) on monday 8th of April, arranged by Inspari, Stephen Few talked about making sense of data and using this sense to gain knowledge and in turn use this knowledge as wisdom.
Wisdom is by many scholars seen as the ultimate state of data transformation though they each have their take on what “The Wisdom hierarchy” should look like (Cleverland (1982), Ackoff (1988), Bellinger (1997), Wu (2000) and Rowley (2007)). This transformation is the essens of Business Intelligence, and how companies and organizations can evolve from gutfeeling-made-decisions to fact-and-hard-evidence-made-decisions. The following blog is a summary of “The Godfather of Visual Data”, from the CBS Seminar.The Wisdom Hierarchy also known as DIKW Read more

Adblocker using hosts file

Adblocker using hosts file is my tip to you too remove websites commercials on your mac. You can use the same idea on Windows or Linux. Using the hosts file to remove ads, makes it possible to remove ads without using an adblocker. This can speed up internet browsing, relieve you of ads, and increase online privacy. by modifying your hosts file on any OS wether you are using OS X, Linux or Windows. Follow the link to see how it is done for Windows, for Unix such as OS X (mac) or Linux, follow the guide

Follow the link to see how it is done for Windows, for Unix such as OS X (mac) or Linux, follow the guide below the link.

Windows: Blocking sites with a Hosts File.

Adblocker using hosts file on mac

To block sites on mac, we must edit the hosts file. The hosts file is a system file that assists in addressing network nodes in a network. Using the hosts file you can re-route requests from your computer to other DNS or IP addresses. This is done by stating first the request IP followed by the destination IP. In doing that you can take control of the sites that should be rendered or not by re-directing all ads or commercials to a localhost, or self-chosen site. Whenever every time you attempt to access a site or an IP address, your computer will look into your hosts file. If you have inputted a source and destination IP, the computer will look up the site based on that information.

Start blocking sites on mac

  • Open the Terminal
  • Type the following to open your hosts file with TextEdit.
sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts

You will be prompted for your administrator password – go ahead and type that. Hereafter add the hosts from this file from

Block sites in Linux or any other Unix based operating system

  • Open your favorite terminal app
  • Type the following
sudo nano /etc/hosts

You will be prompted for your administrator password – go ahead and type that. Hereafter add the hosts from this file from

Steen Hildebrandt om kommunikation og teknologi

Steen Hildebrandt om kommunikation og teknologi

Steen Hildebrandt

Steen Hildebrandt er guru indenfor ledelse, strategi, og bestyrelse. Han har udgivet utallige artikler og bøger, og er ofte citeret i pressen omkring den form for ledelse der rører sig i tiden. I denne post “Steen Hildebrandt om kommunikation og teknologi” vil jeg komme ind på en spændende samtale jeg havde med guruen.

Terminologi snak

Jeg arbejder for øjeblikket med at udvikle Steen Hildebrandts personlige hjemmeside. Forleden havde vi et arbejdsmøde vedrørende den terminologi, han anvender som struktur på hjemmesiden. Terminologien er et utrolig vigtigt element på en hjemmeside, da den hjælper læseren til at forstå sidens indholdskarakter, navigationsstruktur og den jargon hjemmesiden er bygget på. Det sætter læseren i stand til at filtrere de rigtige informationer, og danner bro til en fælles forståelse. Vi lever i et hyperkompleks samfund med mange tekniske virkemidler. Det sætter os i stand til at blive opdateret med informationer fra hele verden på få sekunder, og det er derfor vigtigt at få filtreret den information, man modtager. Her hjælper terminologien og strukturen til at fremhæve og filtrere de rigtige ting og samtidig frasortere alt det, der ikke er nær så væsentligt.

Teknologiske muligheder

Under vores arbejdsmøde kom vi ind på teknologiens muligheder, og hvordan udviklingen bliver ved med at tilbyde nye muligheder. Det er netop med de muligheder og den fart, hvormed de bliver tilbudt, at vores samfund har udviklet sig til et hyperkompleks samfund. På den måde bliver vi overlæsset med informationer i sådan en mængde, at man taler om ’information overload’. Information kommer til os i et kaos, som vi selv skal prøve at ordne i forhold til, hvilke informationer vi søger og har brug for. Read more


Fix: Airport has a self-assigned IP address

Fix: Airport has a self-assigned IP address, 169.x.x.x and Subnet Mask: I could connect to my Time Capsule, though it did not get a IP address by the DHCP server. I tried everything to fix: Airport has a self-assigned IP address. I tried renewing the DHCP but that did not work. I also tested for DNS error, this was not the case either. My mac gave me this message “Airport has a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to connect to the internet.

Assessing the problem “airport has a self-assigned ip address”

I fixed the problem “airport has a self-assigned ip address” by manually setting up the network settings, to make sure they matched my own in, DNS Server, Router, Subnet Mask, and IP address +1. That worked but this could only be a temporarily solution as she uses her mac multiple places.

So I adventured out into the great indexed space of google to find a solution to the problem. As it turned out quite a few people was addressing the problem, and it seems to be a problem that Apple have had this problem for quite a while. In my search I found the problem has occured in an update to Apple OS X Leopard somewhere between update version 10.5.2 and 10.5.6. While the mac in question is at OS X 10.5.8 the problem still seems unsolved by Apple.

To fix “airport has a self-assigned ip address” I tried the following. Read more

Apple fans or Religious followers – Product buzzing and viral marketing

Apple Fans or Religious followers: Abstract

This synopsis “Apple Fans or Religious followers” discuss how Apple is influencing the buzzing in various communities to use this form of viral marketing to brand their products. This synopsis was an exam project for the class “Researching Aspects of Business” at Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus (Handelshøjskolen i Århus, Århus Universitet) and was awarded the grade 10 on the danish note scale.

1       Introduction

Unlike any other company Apple Inc[1] has a history of keeping information about new products to themselves until the official announcement of a product. In connection to this they do not advertise or in any other way announce that they have new and upcoming products. However, this does not keep the Apple followers from buzzing greatly about the next upcoming product from AI, especially around the time of a MacWorld Expo[2]. This buzzing about their products is free marketing for AI and the buzzing is so powerful that it even affects the stock value of AI (McCoy, 1995, s. 8). This synopsis focuses on the following problem statement; “How does Apple Inc create buzzing to be used in viral marketing to brand products?” This synopsis claims that Apple users are comparable to religious followers and that AI uses this subculture in their viral marketing to start the buzzing about new products. The goal of this synopsis is to either accept or refute the claim.

To achieve the goal this synopsis will start out by reviewing evidence of how AI has cultivated ‘religious’ followers and then use this evidence to show how that has made buzzing possible in connection with the iPhone. The evidence will be used in a discussion about the impact of viral marketing as means to brand a product. This will be combined with Russell W. Belk and Gülnur Tumbat’s study on Brand Cult to put the reviewed evidence and discussion into perspective. Finally, the synopsis will accept or refute the claim. Read more