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Reklame i din postkasse – lovlig spam eller?

Min postkasse ligner en eksploderet papir container hver gang posten har været forbi…og selvom jeg er flittig til at fjerne reklamerne kommer jeg ofte hjem til et papirshelvede uden lige. Et par gange har det været så mange reklamer og gratis aviser, at jeg har været nødsaget til at rive indholdet i stykker for at […]

Fix: Airport has a self-assigned IP address

Fix: Airport has a self-assigned IP address, 169.x.x.x and Subnet Mask: I could connect to my Time Capsule, though it did not get a IP address by the DHCP server. I tried everything to fix: Airport has a self-assigned IP address. I tried renewing the DHCP but that did not work. I also tested for DNS […]

Adobe Photoshop 20th Anniversary

Adobe Photoshop 20th Anniversary. I just stumbled on this really cool site showing how photoshop has evolved through the last 20 years. Its amazing that it is that old. I’ve only been using it for half that time, but I love the program! Im really excited about Adobe CS 5 too, fully programed for mac as […]

Google Wave – first impression

I was so lucky to get an invitation to try out Google Wave, so I thought I would share my impressions. First of the layout looks very similar to any regular e-mail inbox. However, the difference quickly becomes evident as soon as I started navigating around this new idea of communication. Google Wave is the […]

Minority Report becomes reality!

I saw this fascinating new device “Sixth Sense Technology May Change How We Look at the World Forever” that I believe will become the next device after the smartphone. It makes Tom Cruise computer in Minority Report, become reality for only $399, and much more mobile. Only I think that with time and technology, this device will […]