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How to move VirtualBox VHD file to another drive

I use VirtualBox and usually have all my VirtualMachines on a external SSD drive, so that I can easily swap depending on my need. This means that I have to bring either the whole setup along, if I want to work from else where, or bring the VHD along. How to move VirtualBox VHD file […]

Merge PDF files

Merge PDF files with PDFtk for FREE Merge PDF files with this free utility. I often find my self in need of merging multiple PDF files into one pdf. I found this PDF tool from PDFtk, that will enable you to merge pdf files for free. Its small, easy to install and comes with no […]

Tableau vs QlikView – Start crunching data

Tableau vs QlikView – which is better? The last few months I have been advised to get Tableau and QlikView certified and try out other BI tools. Sometimes life provides different opportunities than you think and as chance will it –  and I had the opportunity to participate in a QlikView Developer course. I found QlikView […]

Ask bigger questions of BigData

Every day the size of collectable data increases. Companies now find that they are able to access and get data from multiple new sources other than their own systems; social data, mobil data, location data, financial data, mobil data and so on. Bigdata continues to increase and new sources of data and information are added […]

The Godfather of Visual Data

Stephen Few Is the Godfather of visual data. In his seminar at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) on monday 8th of April, arranged by Inspari, Stephen Few talked about making sense of data and using this sense to gain knowledge and in turn use this knowledge as wisdom. Wisdom is by many scholars seen as the […]

Master thesis: From brick to major – a case studie in LEGO of increased organizational learning through it-projects in a business intelligence perspective

Thesis abstract In an interview with a project manager at LEGO Corporate IT (CIT) we were presented with a problem regarding project evaluation and how lessons learned from these evaluations never seems to establish themselves in the organization and their work with project management. With this problem as a foundation we widened the focus area […]

Adblocker using hosts file

Adblocker using hosts file is my tip to you too remove websites commercials on your mac. You can use the same idea on Windows or Linux. Using the hosts file to remove ads, makes it possible to remove ads without using an adblocker. This can speed up internet browsing, relieve you of ads, and increase online privacy. […]

IT ansvarlig i Hildebrandt & Brandi

Tak til Hildebrandt & Brandi for alt hvad jeg har lært og fået med mig. Efter at have arbejdet for Hildebrandt & Brandi i to år, må jeg desværre sige farvel til en fantastisk arbejdsplads. Jeg har lært meget rigtig meget at at arbejde i et konsulent med høj fart, store ambitioner og mange opgaver. […]

Steen Hildebrandt om kommunikation og teknologi

Steen Hildebrandt er guru indenfor ledelse, strategi, og bestyrelse. Han har udgivet utallige artikler og bøger, og er ofte citeret i pressen omkring den form for ledelse der rører sig i tiden. I denne post “Steen Hildebrandt om kommunikation og teknologi” vil jeg komme ind på en spændende samtale jeg havde med guruen. Terminologi snak Jeg […]